cooks & the decision making process

Luckily for us, we've got a really eclectic mix of clients - from big groups to independents, from bus operators to rail operators, from public sector to private sector - but the one thing that really differentiates them is their decision-making process.

Some are governed by the nature of their environment and their heavily structured hierarchy, whilst others benefit from the freedom of the 'you deal with the boss' approach.

Some clients won't change a thing from our first concepts, while others end up with work a million miles away from what we first presented. 

This is largely due to the number of people involved in the decision-making process.

With design being a subjective process the easy option for clients is to remove/alter anything that gets criticised in internal reviews. 

The green background gets changed, the logo gets made bigger, the strapline gets tweaked - all because one person didn't like it.

You end up with work that no-one really objects to but also work that no-one really loves. 

All a bit meh.

And when you're trying to get new bums on seats that's the last thing you want from your advertising, right?