we need to understand the importance of first impressions a lot more

You've remortgaged your house and have £50k to spend on a loft conversion - it's a massive investment for you and things need to be right first time.

You get plans drawn up and invite two local builders to quote for the work.

The first arrives on time in a smartly branded van, dressed in a company-branded polo shirt. He leaves his shoes at the door when invited inside. After discussing the work in question, he politely listens to your concerns, offering the contact details of satisfied customers as reassurance.

His quote arrives within the agreed timeframe, again well-branded and professionally written. Each element of the £50k figure is detailed.

The second builder arrives the day after. His van is battered, with the sign writing all faded. He's got a scruffy old beanie on and asks if taking his shoes off is necessary. He obviously has loads of experience but talks more than he listens. Grumpy is an understatement.

His quote finally arrives after you've emailed twice to chase for it. His quote simply says, 'To convert your loft - all in £40k'.

Even though the job will cost everything you've borrowed, you go with the first builder without hesitation. He created a great first impression, everything about him puts your mind at ease and you just know he will deliver.

What's the moral of the story? 

First impressions can often overcome money concerns and are really, really important.

Everyone involved with delivering bus travel needs to understand that a lot more.