my 48 sheet problem

On the way to work last week, I noticed a 48 sheet for a bus company - nothing unusual about that it must be said.

Well, there's obviously nothing unusual about 48 sheets per se but in the grand scheme of things they're a relatively rare medium for bus companies to include in their media plan. Guess they come way down the list after every digital platform known to man, but they can be highly effective for the right campaign.

The best 48 sheets are designed with a moving target in mind. 

Instantly recognisable as being from the brand they're representing, with a single, memorable message. The worst 48 sheets have been over-designed and over-complicated to fill the large amount of space on offer.

One approach works so much better than the other for obvious reasons.

So, what about the 48 sheet I saw on the way to work? 

Too busy, too complicated (although granted, recognisable as coming from the brand). It would have been so much effective to strip back 75% of the information on it and simplifying the design.

'We want drivers. We pay x per hour. Here's where you find out more/apply'.

No need for anything else. Keep it simple, keep it memorable, keep it effective.