should bus companies get a helping hand with their advertising budget?

Ad agency Uncommon has recently produced a series of ads for their client British Airways, and they've been praised within the ad industry for their approach, uniqueness, and originality.

Their aim is to get you to fly somewhere and make that flight with British Airways.

And esteemed ad man Ben Kay, although praising the idea, has a problem with that objective. He believes advertising that essentially leads to increased global warming should be banned, and if you read his well-written piece here - it's pretty hard to argue against.

Cigarette advertising was banned after the link between the product's use and the health consequences, so surely the promotion of air travel is somewhat counterproductive to the future of our planet and should be treated accordingly? Anyway...

This links nicely to the promotion of bus travel.

It's largely agreed that increasing bus use around the country is part of the environmental solution rather than part of the problem. So how about offering bus companies incentives to sell their products?

Something like...whatever percentage of your fleet is hydrogen/electric is what you get your advertising budget (average over the last three years' spending) subsided by - all courtesy of the UK Government. 

Seems like a win, win to me. 

Bus companies get an incentive to invest in their fleet (I'm sure there are others for doing the same thing), the Government is seen to be doing their bit, and the product, perhaps more importantly perception of the product, benefits from consistent, high-level advertising.

What do we think?