why complicate the journey from A to B?

I watched a video earlier where a British guy living in Germany explained how easy it was for him to get the bus into his local town.

He didn't drive, lived in the sticks, and relied on public transport to get about the place. 

His bus left the stop at 9 minutes to the hour, every hour, seven days a week. The 9-minute thing was all he had to think about. No extensive timetable that changed on the weekend and public holidays - just one straightforward, easy-to-remember thing.

Back in the UK, I think it's fair to say the bus industry has a problem with simplicity. Whether it's a poorly designed app or sending people around the houses on a website, if there's a process to be complicated you can bet your bottom dollar a bus company would find a way.

Take the recruitment of bus drivers as a prime example. 

In the first instance, it should be purely a driver's licence and numbers game. You want as many people as humanly possible who can drive a car to get an application in. The potential driver should be able to see an ad, visit a website and five minutes and five questions later their application safely in.

But the whole process is riddled with complexity and steps that, at this initial 'lack of filter' stage, certainly aren't required. 

Any additional step that isn't absolutely essential to whether an application can move forward should be ditched. If it proves the difference between a good candidate progressing or giving the ghost, the time and thought into making the process as streamlined as possible will have worth it.

Your journey from A to B really can be as easy as your bus company wants to make it.