why not just do it yourself?

I've lost count of the number of meetings I've been in where clients have said ticket machines can't do certain things or software updates to them will take too long.

After all, they're just one of several customers the ticket company will have on its roster.

Which begs the question why don't any of the big bus groups cut out the middleman and just take the whole shebang in-house?

A small team that designs and programmes a system bespoke to their employer and used by its subsidiaries around the UK. Just their tickets, just their niche products.

Tap and cap, tap on tap off, zone boundaries, singles, returns etc must be so much easier to change if you are in control of the system changing it.

Got to be. 

Yes, it would expensive and time-consuming to set up, and yes, you have the ongoing staff costs of salary, tax, pension, and benefits BUT you'd have a system that you are in complete control of in the long term.

Do the pros not outweigh the cons or is it a case of 'No can do - that's just how it's done in the bus industry'?