bus stops influence just as much as bus liveries

Over the last 18 months or so, the road next to mhd towers has undergone something of a facelift.

With a dodgy double roundabout gone and smoother junction introduced, a new bus lane was also on the cards - as was a new bus stop to be served by both Swindon's Bus Company and Stagecoach. It's a busy corridor from the north feeding the town centre and is in what you'd call traditional bus territory.

A month on from the new shelter being erected, the pic below shows its current state. A broken seat that forces you to stand, nothing to protect you from the wind and ripped notices show off your service information.

If you're a first-time customer it hardly creates the greatest of impressions, does it? 

If bus companies are expected to invest in fleets and liveries to make their product attractive, shouldn't those responsible for bus shelters, in this case, Swindon Borough Council, at least match their ambition (and continue to maintain those standards)? 

Any bus passing people on the street creates a perception of the product, and the same can be said of people passing the stops. 

We know what many people think of bus travel - so everyone connected with the industry needs to stay one step ahead to change those opinions.

However, as the image shows, all too often we're still one step behind.