just changing how you look isn't enough

As far as courier companies go, I think it's fair to say Hermes doesn't have the greatest of reputations with a good number of people. 

Videos of how staff treat parcels can be seen at every corner of the internet, lack of any communication follows their every move and the old 'you weren't in, so I left it by the gate' excuse seems to be the norm. In fact, it's no wonder hearts skip a beat when customers find out their online order is due to be delivered by the company.

So, in the aftermath of all this criticism, the company has decided to rebrand as 'Evri'. 

According to Evri CEO Martijn de Lange “It is more than just a name change, it’s a statement of intent of our commitment to leading the way in creating responsible delivery experiences for Evri one, Evri where".

Just to clarify, it's most definitely not "We're changing our name because everyone thinks we're crap, and this way, people might think the things that made us crap, have actually changed, when we all know they haven't".

Rebranding when your company is underperforming is an age-old trick but if just done superficially, will soon be found out. 

No company fails to deliver because their logo uses an old-fashioned font, or their colour palette isn't modern enough. It falls behind due to much bigger issues like culture, management, training, recruitment, retention, purchase, sales.

If you're prepared to take a deep look at your organisation, admit where you're going wrong and put the mechanisms in place for real change, then changing your name and getting a funky new logo will be a tasty icing on the cake.