why customers don't love a service brand

Over the weekend, I asked my two boys if they wanted to take any Valentine's cards to school this morning, but both declined with a degree of embarrassment.

"But what if you get some but didn't send any" I replied. "So, what?" came the reply. 

I was trying to make them feel a little guilty, but the sentiment was rather lost. They really weren't bothered at all.

And not being bothered sums up many people's attitudes to brands in general but specifically brands in the service sectors like gas, electric, insurance, communications and... public transport. 

If the product you're paying for is delivered, there is very little recognition of the brand supplying it. If anything, the brand only really comes into play when something goes wrong.

If you got an email saying Virgin is taking over your broadband from BT - same price, same speed, same contract length - would you lose any sleep over the change?  

Likewise, if Operator A is running your bus service and Operator B then takes over - same frequency, same spec vehicle, same price - would you really be bothered?

Service brands may say they love their customer, but there isn't any real need for those feelings to be reciprocated by the customer.

Of course, there will be exceptions, but overall, the brands are on a hiding to nothing. 

Why should the customer care if a competitor can provide the same service as you?