but 'why' should I become a bus driver?

This is probably the third time I've written a post about the creative challenge of advertising for bus drivers - largely because recruitment of the position is an ongoing problem.

As ever, there are plenty of ads on social media trying to entice people to apply. But are they cutting the creative mustard? Are they selling the position with the right messages or are they more hit and hope?

It's a sweeping statement but I'd hazard a guess that many bus driver applications are from people who are making sideways moves in their career, as opposed to massive leaps So they're coming from a job with a similar salary and benefits. High flyers on £100k at a global bank in the city probably aren't going to throw their hat in the ring for a night shift on the 23.

If you've established the type of person you'd like to attract, are you assuming they're happy in their current role or have they already decided enough is enough? Your answer to that question will determine how you approach your advertising.

Either way, you'll have to look at the benefits of being a driver and use those as leverage.

Is the salary as big a draw as you think? Pension is a legal right, so there's no point in promoting that too much. Perhaps being your own boss for much of the day would appeal? Could being part of a team attract people? Being out and out all day enjoying the views (and concentrating on the road, obviously)? Does having a variety of shift patterns fit in with how you live your life? Is driving the start of a great career ladder at your company? The list goes on.

I'm not sure it's enough just to say 'have you ever thought of being a bus driver'? without giving potential employees reasons why the role is worth that consideration.  

Jobs ads are a two-way street. If you want somebody to apply, you have to give them reasons why.