when the say "I prefer the original to be honest"

On completion of a piece of work, it's fairly common for us to showcase what we've been up to via social media to the masses or email to a select few.

The latter can be especially effective when you've done a campaign for an Opco within one of the larger groups - and naming dropping your client to their peers often adds a touch of gravitas to your communication.

The ideal response is something along the lines of "That's a lovely piece of work you've done there. It's far better than they used to do with the other agency. Here's a lovely fat project of ours to get stuck into".

Now we all know that sort of thing never happens but what's a life without dreams, eh?

The one response you don't want, and certainly, aren't expecting is "To be honest, I prefer the original".

What? Really? How? Why?

Like. A. Dagger. Through. My. Heart.

When you spend the best part of two months transforming some very dated branding (client's words not mine) and bringing it into the 21st century, hearing comments like that can sometimes knock the stuffing out of your thinking.

But then if you take a step back, and try to view it as the person on the other end of the phone, things can look a little different. They're unaware of the brief, unaware of the job it needs to do and unaware of all the constraints you've been working under and feedback you've been asked take on board.

They're seeing the work for the very first time, looking at the images from a purely subjective point of view, like a piece of art in a gallery. And they'll either like it or they won't. It really can be that simple.

If you haven't got a thick skin, agency life isn't for you.