two similar but totally different projects

Over the past year or so we've been involved in a number of branding projects, with some getting over the finishing line a lot quicker than others.

Progress can be swift or progress can be hindered by any number of stumbling blocks along the way.

Two projects in particular spring to mind and while the nature of the work and budgets were pretty similar, the whole process of getting approval was anything but.

Project one was for a company that was part of a bigger group, whereas project two was for a smaller, independent company with just the one key decision-maker.

Both projects took about the same time from brief through to approval yet one was far more labour intensive than the other.

Both projects brought us a similar income yet one was far more profitable than the other.

Both projects had an initial four concepts presented.

Project one had fifteen revisions of the preferred original design before sign off, project two had just the three.

Project one had six changes of colour before sign off, project two didn't have any.

Were the numerous revisions in project one the result of us not fully getting to grips with the client's requirements or them being afraid to make a decision and back their judgement?

Was the swift conclusion to project two because the client was easily pleased or because we nailed their brief early doors?

Maybe one day they'll tell us.