for most retailers, it's the old and the not young who are commercial gold

Advertising is often referred to as a young person business, with most people in the industry the 'right' side of 40.

Agencies employ young creative thinkers intent on using the latest technology and the latest fad to sell stuff to people just like them.

The only problem is that people like them haven't got any money.

The people with the money are the people they don't understand at all - like their parents. Mortgage-free, kids left home, decent pension (or just as likely still working and in senior positions) with money to spend.

They are double or even triple-dip spenders who purchase not only for themselves but also for their kids and grandkids.

Yet very little advertising is aimed at them (an estimated 5%), even though the over 50s control over 75% of the financial assets in this country.

Is it really wise for marketers to concentrate their efforts on the young - those with little money and even less brand loyalty when compared to the over 50s?

The last few years have seen the popularity of TOCs offering discounted off-peak (when there is capacity) travel on their network to those over a certain age. 

With time on their hands, pounds in their pocket and a willingness to travel they're the ideal customer and should be ignored at your peril.