would you rather your out of home advertising faded or fizzed?

Every morning on the way to work I'm invariably forced to stop at a particular set of traffic lights - just a single minute from mhd towers.

Immediately behind said lights sit four, 48 sheet, Out of Home sites. They're in a prominent spot on one of Swindon's core traffic routes into the town centre and I'm guessing, attract decent eyeball-age throughout the day. So far, so good.

But for me, there are things wrong with the site (and more to the point, traditional OOH sites in general).

  • The fitters need to visit Specsavers. They're often torn, ripped, or have individual sheets misaligned.
  • Different advertisers compete for your attention at the same time. It's hard enough remembering one message, let alone four.
  • At this time of year, the colours fade. Prominent branding, like the AA's yellow, can quickly lose its impact.
All this means advertisers aren't really getting bang for their buck. But what's the alternative I hear you say? 

The alternative is a shiny, crisp, LED digital screen. No labour, ladders or printing. No colour fading. Just high-quality, pixel heaven for the modern consumer. 

There are downsides. First, the cost to the media owner for installing the site, and second, the fact each advertiser's message is on a 10-second, 1 in 6, rotation - which means less exposure but no competition when the eyes are on you. 

You pays your money and makes your choice. 

So, would you rather your advertising faded in the traditional sun or fizzed in the new-fangled spotlight?