if your livery is so influential, why does it take so long to change one?

One major part of rebranding a bus company is changing the livery accordingly.

Yes, you've got all the boring stuff like the initial identity work followed the website, app, signage, and uniforms but what people who follow the industry really wax lyrical about is the livery.

As it's the product packaging seen all day, every day by customers and non-customers that enthusiasm is understandable. But unfortunately, it's the one medium within a bus rebranding exercise that lets it down the most. 

The big groups have 1000s of buses scattered all over the country, and to take each out of service, strip it, paint and vinyl takes money and time. Lots and lots of time.  

In fact, it takes so much time, that some livery rebrands have yet to be fully executed four years after the first article appeared in the trade press. 

Is it acceptable that buses are trundling along in a battered old livery long after their owner announced to much fanfare that they had rebranded?

The answer is no. 

If you can't do the hard bit (livery) within a decent timeframe don't do the easy bit (website, app, signage, and uniforms) and still expect the plaudits.