the simple reason my mate didn't spend £2 on his single bus fare

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I met at a local pub to sit in the sun and put the world to rights over a few beers.

Transport-wise, two walked, one drove, and one got the bus. Now, the lad who got the bus rarely gets it, so I was impressed. 

As the service from his house to the pub was direct, I assumed he was lured in by the £2 single fare as a trade-off for having a drink. 

Turns out he wasn't and had, in fact, spent over £6 on a day rider, bought from the driver, and had no idea the £2 single fare even existed. 

And you must ask yourself, why would he?

If there is an ongoing nationwide campaign to promote it, perhaps using old-school methods like TV, radio, ambient, and prominent outdoor sites - he must have missed it.

He's over 50 and not on Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram. He is just a normal bloke, doing normal things in a normal town, yet had zero idea a single bus journey would have only cost him £2 for the last nine months.

I doubt he's the only one either.

To add insult to injury, he managed to bag a lift home with the driver, rendering his dayrider even less value for money!