the answer may well be digital but you need to know the question first

Have just read a post on LinkedIn and felt the need to share its premise with you.

In it, the author waxes lyrical about the cost-effectiveness of digital advertising, in comparison to the 'I don't know who's seen it' approach of the more traditional variety.

They conclude with 'I can't remember the last time I watched TV'.

Let's hope this person isn't involved in your company's marketing, otherwise, your future success is on a slippery slope.

Marketing is never, ever about you and your preferences/behaviour. It's always about your customer and theirs.

Marketing isn't about pitting traditional channels against 'modern' ones. It's about putting together the right mix at the right time to achieve your goals. The weighting of that mix will be different if you're highlighting a reduced price point compared to building the salience of a brand.

Choose your help wisely.

Too many marketing charlatans are quick to say 'digital' before they know the question.