was she that hard to spot?

Over Xmas, I took off for some fresh air and went on a lengthy walk. 

I saw people sitting on buses, people waiting at bus stops, and people walking to bus stops. All engaging with public transport in some form.

I also saw one girl (who had walked from the local chiropractors) seemingly ignored by public transport, or more specifically, ignored by a bus driver.

She was waiting to cross a busy road to get to a bus stop, but the traffic was being rather unkind. She continued to be patient, looking for her opportunity as the bus appeared around the corner and pulled into the stop. 

One person got off, and no one got on. Chiropractor girl could see everything unfolding and starts waving frantically to get the driver's attention. She would be hard to ignore.

But just as she manages to start crossing the road, that's exactly what the driver appeared to do. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre, and he was off.

The frustration on her face was obvious as she slumped into the shelter and let out a scream. A middle finger aimed squarely at the driver quickly followed.

Her opinion of public transport dropped percentage points in an instant.

No one expects bus drivers to be perfect, but a little more empathy wouldn't go amiss.