don't assume everyone lives their life on a screen

A mate of mine recently wrote a piece on LinkedIn where he praised the Cheltenham Paint Festival but questioned whether it had been promoted well enough.

He obviously thought it was a great way of spending a couple of hours, and maybe others would enjoy it too if they'd known about it.

One of the comments, which came from a social media manager, was - 'It’s been all over the internet and social for the past few weeks 👏👏'.

Now my mate is on Facebook (which he only uses to flog old cycling gear on Market Place) but runs a million miles from Instagram and Twitter. I'm also reliably informed he only uses LinkedIn because his business partner gets the hump if he doesn't shout about what their company is doing.

This is a guy who cycles, goes to the gym, walks his dog, and spends time with his family but doesn't spend every non-working hour scrolling and surfing himself into oblivion. 

To many, his behaviour is entirely normal, but to others (like our social media manager), it's not.

After all, they spend their working life on social media - using it and selling its benefits. And then go home and start the process over again only this time as a consumer.

And if they do it, then surely everyone else must be doing it, right?

Obviously not. 

Worth remembering your media mix is a big, old pot of options that don't always start and end with a screen.