if your recruitment is working, so is your mix

Just before Xmas, we got sent a breakdown of how a new client's ongoing driver recruitment campaign was performing.

They have been producing monthly figures by tracking applications via digital platforms and old-fashioned asking those who come by more traditional methods, and this was the latest instalment.

With the input of their planning agency, the client had wisely chosen a real mixture of media - radio, Facebook, paid-for search, OOH, on-bus, and internal referral scheme to name a select few.

Looking at the figures in isolation, some channels could be seen as performing better than others and a knee-jerk reaction would have been to ditch those mediums with a low number in the count column.

In our client's case that would leave train station posters as serious candidates for the chop but the likes of on-bus work safe as houses.

But sometimes the figures don't tell the real story.

The week-ending results we received were the best to date, so as a collective piece of media planning and buying, the campaign was working. This mix in its current form was doing a grand job.

There's a decent possibility that click-through from a Facebook Carousel was subconsciously influenced by a six sheet, the Google search driven by the special livery, and the radio ads sending those interested to the website. 

The creative was the same and the message was the same. Across everything. 

And that consistency works to aid recollection. 

But not all of it is obvious and accountable.

If something is working you don't have to be overly concerned with the individual elements - just look at the bigger picture and be chuffed things are going well!