all the little things eventually add up

A couple of weeks, amongst the flurry of student activity across the UK, we tweeted 'Why doesn't anyone think to iron their tablecloth before a Freshers' Fair? 

It was a little tongue-in-cheek comment based on the crumbled efforts I'd seen on many a bus company's stand. After all, first impressions for potential new customers count, right?

One of our own clients picked up on the message and enquired if the tweet was in reference to their own ironing efforts.

It wasn't (they subsequently started sending me pics of their tablecloth getting a good ironing before every Fair!) but it also got me thinking about all of bus travel's 'little things'. 

Little things that in isolation probably don't mean much but collectively have a far bigger influence on people's perception of bus travel than we'd like to admit.

Drivers wearing hi-vis jackets in their cab, buses showing out-of-date advertising, wonky/ripped notices at bus stops, boarded-up travel shops etc.

They might be little things, but they can make up a long, influential list. 

Small pieces of subconscious evidence that live in the mind of potential customers.

Just waiting there to be recalled when they ask themselves 'So why I should take the bus?'.