why are you looking for a 'digital' marketing executive?

Can you remember a time when companies advertised specifically for a 'TV marketing executive', a 'Radio marketing executive' or even an 'Out of Home marketing executive'?

If the answer is no that's probably because those positions have never really existed. 

The marketing director may have been supported by a marketing manager, who in turn may have been helped by a marketing executive. 

And between them, they would have planned and executed strategies which would probably have involved a variety of different media channels. Most likely including direct mail, press, radio, outdoor or even TV.

But then came the internet. And then came digital advertising. So naturally, then came the digital marketing executive.

People didn't see digital as another execution platform to utilise, they saw it as a whole new world to explore that needed a specialist employee to deliver. 

And from that perspective, I understand why you'd want someone with unique skills.

But as the world slowly dropped the www from their domains, signed up for ten social media accounts and became more online savvy, pretty much everything in marketing became digital. 

Now, all marketing has a strong element of digital fulfilment, and radio, outdoor, press, and direct mail are very much reliant on the pixel, mp4 and jpeg.

So you don't need a digital marketing executive, you need a competent marketing executive who understands digital is a prerequisite of their role in the 21st century.