don't let your branding dilute the message I'm paying for

Despite the rise (and therefore super importance) of online advertising, some dinosaur-like brands still choose to include 'traditional' advertising, such as 48 and 96 sheets, in their media plans.

We all know that nobody takes notice of those bloody great things on the side of the road, so I'm not sure why they're bothering to be honest, but anyhow, I digress...

The three leading suppliers of these sites in the UK are Global, Clear Channel and JCDecaux, with the latter being the world's largest Out-of-Home advertising company.

The suppliers own strategic sites that get a lot of footfall and passing traffic, and rates are determined by the prominence of each site and the period you wish to advertise on them for. It's a simple deal to get over the line. 

But while you're getting access to the space they own, you're also getting their pretty prominent branding (as seen in the pic opposite) to compete with. 

Why? Why so big? Could they not make it a touch more subtle? Why run the blue strip along the full length of the space? 

If my campaign/brand colours clashed with the blue of Global's branding, there's a definite argument that it could impact the effectiveness of my message. And I'm paying you good money for the privilege.

I get media owners want their branding on their sites, but they also need to remember the customer's branding is far more important.

Just. A. Little. Smaller. Please.