new year + same challenges = client expecting new ideas

Not sure about you but I always come back to work after the Xmas break full of excitement about the creative challenges that lie ahead.

We know the problems our clients will face - launching new routes, recruiting drivers, reacting to competitor activity, creating new brands, tweaking networks, firefighting. After all, they're perennial. It's rare for public transport to surprise you with something entirely new.

But even though the challenges a client faces will have been seen before, the work their agency supplies is expected to be original. And rightly so. Any marketing director worth their salt wants a suite of creative ideas for their spend that not only delivers against the brief but contains work they haven't seen before.

The idea can be different, the execution can be different but it must be different. Somehow.

Is it easy? Certainly not. All creative directors will tell you that coming up with ideas is possibly the hardest part of their job. 

But also, the most rewarding. That evolution from a loose idea in a conversation through to a fully-fledged campaign (via a quick scamp on a piece of A4) is a journey that's a joy to be on.

Some come on 2022, we've got a journey to get started!!!