is Lumo's branding simplicity your cup of tea?

Thursday was the PR day for Lumo Travel, the new budget service from First Group that aims to get people to take the train between London and Edinburgh.

The fleet is 100% electric, only stops at stations near Luton and Newcastle airports, has only one 'class' of travel and fares are expected to be on the cheap side to compete with the airlines. All food is plant-based and can be ordered pre-journey through 'LumoEats' (wonder where they got the name for that?), whilst they even offer a door-to-door courier service for your luggage through 'LumoLuggage'.

Lots of new stuff and all in all, it's hard to argue they're not intent on doing things a little differently.

But what about the public-facing communication - the branding, the livery, the advertising? Is it too conservative and not 'designed' enough for you or do you appreciate a suite full of simplicity?

The consensus in our studio is a positive one (although a second colour on the livery and splash more on the ads wouldn't go amiss).  Opinion is split on the uniforms though...

I'm sure those who place a real emphasis on the importance of train liveries will be disappointed in the lack of vinyl, but they'll get over it. Or maybe they won't. 

Either way, I guess only Twitter will tell.

Check out the Lumo website here.