customers need benefits to go alongside your product features

Whenever a brief arrives from a client with the aim of making them money, the first thing you should ask is 'what single thing is in it for the customer'?

After all, if there's no benefit to them, why should they buy what you're selling? And it's only once that benefit has been established should you start looking at fun, engaging, memorable ways to get that product truth across in some advertising.

It's a very simple principle to follow but also a very difficult one to achieve. 

Unfortunately, in the bus industry, far too much advertising focuses on selling points with little attention paid to benefit. 

My new bus has got double glazing? Brilliant. Tell me how I benefit.

My new bus has got 5G wi-fi? Fantastic. Tell me how I benefit.

My new bus has got dedicated drivers? Super. Tell me how I benefit.

It's not up to the customer to work out why your new product features make their journey better, it's up to you to tell them. In a fun, engaging, memorable way that will increase the probability of your advertising being effective, and making you money.