local brands + group campaign = creative headache

Whilst I've no intention of reopening the 'are local brands good or bad' can of worms, one area of concern from an agency perspective is how you go about selling them under one creative banner.

And by 'creative banner' I mean, you get approached by a client who wants a UK-wide marketing campaign despite the fact they have numerous individual brands (and even brands within brands) all looking different to their website, all looking different to their app. 

Yep, that sort of concern.

I'm sure Tesco's agency doesn't have the same problem. In fact, I'm pretty sure there aren't many national retailers that would have the same problem, but like I said, let's not go there again.

Group-wide bus campaigns often make sense in the boardroom but create a real challenge when you're trying to find that one, cohesive look the client's after.

Do you try and do something generic that you can just adapt with different logos? Will you have the cut through the client expects for their investment? Do you concentrate on selling the app even though the colour scheme is nothing like the local branding? Do you try and be clever or just keep it simple? Do you pay lip service to the group brand or lip service to the local brand?

Honestly, I've no idea what the solution is but we'll work it out, somehow.