ads on buses doing their bit for the environment

Some companies allow advertising from third parties on their buses, others don't.

Both sides have their reasons. Those who allow ads say they need the revenue, those who don't say space should only be used to sell the operator's products and enhance its brand.

There's merit in both arguments.

Both types of companies want more people to ditch their cars more often and get the bus. They see it as great for the customer's pocket and even better for the environment as a whole. More people on buses + fewer people on cars = a happier, healthier planet for all to enjoy.

So, how about... all those who need the money/are happy to dilute their branding (delete as appropriate) get together and approach the Department for Climate Change and try and sell them the job lot of ad space? 

The result is every available ad space on every bus in the UK filled with messages about how we can all play our part in saving the planet.

And as the bus is part of that fight it seems like a perfect fit to me.