Thursday, 30 April 2015

National Express TV ads want you to Go Get It

I've just come across the new (well, latest anyway) TV ad from the people at National Express.

It seems to be a shift in strategy from the last ad of theirs we mentioned on this blog a while back - from story telling to benefits of getting the coach. And at the end of the day, a coach is there to get you from a A to B, on time, in comfort, at a price you feel is value for money. A pretty simple proposition when it's broken down.

Whether it should have concentrated more on what makes long distance travel better by coach than by rail, is a different matter.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Orangina's French, innit?

A blast from my refreshing past, Orangina has just launched a cheeky little print campaign.

It's nicely done, highlights one simple point of difference and is executed to jump out of the page. My type of work.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

we help sell the benefits of bus competition in Dorset

We recently completed the design and print of a publication demonstrating the achievements of a quality bus partnership in South East Dorset.

Principally aimed at local stakeholders (council members, MPs, hospitals, shopping centres, tourist attractions and major employers among them) the document was a snapshot portrayal of the area's bus improvements over the last decade.

Wirobound and printed on 100% recycled paper using waterless inks, the creative execution coupled engaging photography with strong, simple statements of achievement.

The project was procurement through Borough of Poole, working with Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council, more bus and Yellow Buses.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Euroshtar target the Dutch market in their latest TV ads

In order to target Dutch market, Eurostar has gone back to where it all began in their latest TV ad campaign.

Head of marketing Lionel Benbassat says “Eurostar is not a brand that is known [in The Netherlands]. We still need to educate and go back to basics to say travelling by train is a far better experience than plane”.

The push into The Netherlands has seen it adopt a tongue-in-cheek positioning with a series of 10-second spots that highlight the bug bears of passengers travelling by air, such as switching off electronic devices or turbulence, to highlight the convenience of travelling by train.

“It worked pretty well in our core markets so we are going back to what we were doing 15 years ago because this is where the Dutch market is,” Benbassat said.

So what do you think?