Wednesday, 20 March 2013

but nobody uses public transport do they?

Last weekend I met up with some old friends to watch a rugby match and consume a few beverages - an exception rather than the rule in my household.

As is customary on such social occasions the usual pleasantries covering kids, partners and professional situations were exchanged.

One friend, who I see on an irregular basis showed an interest in my work, but had to ask exactly what I did for a living. My answer was more pub than boardroom but he got the general gist of how I feed the family each month.

"But nobody uses public transport do they?" came his reply. His response was typical of many people we come across regarding use a particular product or service.

They assume because they don't use it, nobody else does either.

Likewise marketing managers assume their customers have the same passion for their brand as they do.

When in fact, on both counts, nothing could be further from the truth.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Virgin Trains go retro

Virgin Trains have gone back to the glory days of rail travel in their current ad campaign.

According to Marketing Week Magazine the campaign is "designed to change consumers’ over-estimations about train journey times and for them to consider train travel over other forms of transport."

Danny Gonzalez, Virgin Trains head of marketing, says: “The new campaign perfectly encapsulates our vision of inspiring travellers to choose Virgin Trains to get to their destination in the fastest and most time enriching way - all provided with a great level of customer experience. The campaign raises awareness of our underestimated high speed journey times and blows away the false preconceptions around cost people have about travelling with Virgin Trains.”

The £7m campaign will run across outdoor, press, online, social media and radio.

As with all Virgin work it is superbly executed, has great typography and great illustration, but I'm not sure it delivers on all the claims their marketing team say it does.

What is does do however, is show this operator leads the field when it comes to creative work.

Monday, 4 March 2013

East Coast train gets the Skyfall treatment

The name's Coast, Easht Coast.

To celebrate the release of hit film Skyfall on DVD, East Coast Trains has launched a service in the Bond livery as a nod to the rail links in the 23rd Bond film.

For the next month the special train will be running on various services across East Coast linking London King’s Cross to Scotland, including the London to Edinburgh journey, renamed the Skyfall service.

Unveiled on platform 007 at King’s Cross it has been given the apt vehicle number 91007. No doubt something which will delight the armies of trainspotters who will gather on platforms along the route.


Wrapping trains in advertising is something of a rarity in comparison to buses, one would imagine largely due to the cost and logistics involved.

Can't deny though, as East Coast have shown, it can look rather impressive.