Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the facts about today's advertising in the UK

Have a look at these facts to see if you want to re-evaluate your creative approach.

£18.3 billion a year is spent on all forms of advertising and marketing in the UK.

Just 4% of it remembered positively. And 7% is remembered negatively.

A whopping 89% is not noticed or remembered at all. So that's a whole lot of wasted money.

So shouldn’t your primary focus to be noticed and remembered by developing your creative accordingly?

Just a thought.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

London Midland launch their first ever TV advert

Well thought out, well executed TV ads for train companies are as rare as hen's teeth.

Thinking about it, TV ads for trains companies in general are pretty rare - with only ScotRail and TransPennine Express springing to mind. Maybe it's because ads are usually shown by region on the commercial networks or the money involved to get an initial idea through to something tangible on our screens is too large. Either way it doesn't seem the preferred choice of most TOCs.

It will only seem like yesterday to many that Jimmy Saville was constantly on our screens promising that 'this is the age of the train' on behalf of British Rail. With only one channel showing adverts and the likes of Coronation Street getting 20m plus viewers, it was the only real above-the-line platform and therefore widely used.

So what about the London Midland work? It's fair to say they are one the more pro-active operators when it comes to marketing having won “Marketing Campaign of the Year” at the Rail Business Awards for the last three years, so they should be congratulated for the foray into TV.

Looking at the ad in isolation, the price promotion is clearly introduced through the voice-over, the scenes show the benefits of train travel (linking up with friends, visiting cities etc) through identifiable characters and there is a simple call to action. One point to make is that '50% off' is great if you know what the price was in the first place, so maybe some sample fares could have been included so customers can see if the offer represents value for money? 

All in all, kudos should go to London Midland for daring to be different. Credit to the agency for the idea and the client for buying it.

However, is it different enough to be memorable when the kids are fighting, the dog is barking and you've only got three minutes to make a brew before your favourite programme starts again?

Only time will tell.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

bride takes the bus to her wedding

It's customary for brides to take a really special form of transport to their wedding venue, with a vintage Mercedes, Rolls Royce and horse drawn carriage being among the most popular.

Therefore it's not often you see a bride in her wedding dress on the 407 service to Sutton Registry Office... 

But that's exactly what happened when Jenny Klochko decided to take herself and her two bridesmaids on a single decker for the journey to her wedding venue. 

On telling her husband-to-be of her plans, he made sure they give themselves a whopping two hours (it was just two stops) to ensure they got to the church on time 'as he could not trust public transport'.

Although travelling this way on your special day is relatively rare in the UK, it is common-place in Jenny's native Ukraine - as brides give those not invited to the wedding the chance to see her on her special day.

Not sure what it says about the great British public though as nobody had the courtesy to offer their seat, so she had to stand for her entire journey!

Images copyright Cascade News.