Thursday, 7 April 2011

Carlsberg take the easy way out

Carlsberg have announced they aim to double profits of their flagship brand by 2015 - not by revamping the product but by revamping its branding. 

The change, which is to include a new range of packaging, advertising and a new slogan, is part of the company’s ambition 'to be the fastest growing global beer company by giving customers an understanding of what it stands for, rather than just a recognisable label'.

I would suggest they achieve this by making their product taste better/more distinctive than all the other middle of the road, nondescript lagers (step forward Fosters, Heineken and Carling) that blight the country's pubs, clubs and supermarkets. 

But if that's too much like hard work, yep, a new logo might just do it.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Coca-Cola 'the friendship machine'

It's not often a brand will put an obstacle between its product and customers, but that's exactly what Coca-Cola did when it placed fully stocked 3.5m tall vending machines with unreachable coin slots across Latin America on world Friendship Day.

Ogilvy Argentina was briefed by Coca-Cola to find a way to celebrate Friendship Day, celebrated in June in Buenos Aires and February in the rest of Latin America.

The agency developed the idea of a ‘friendship machine’ which would encourage passers-by to work together in order to climb up and insert a coin into a giant Coke vending machine.

For their trouble, they would get two bottles of coke for the price of one. One for themselves, and one for a friend.

The campaign was rolled out to bemused consumers in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua.

It soon became clear that in order to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free offer, a leg-up from a friend was needed.

The campaign resulted in a 1075% up-lift in vending machine sales that day. Over the nine-hour period 800 bottles of Coke were drunk from each machine.

After the event thousands of comments were recorded on blogs and social networking sites documenting the campaign.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

train poster makes Outdoor Hall of Fame

A train poster from the glory days of rail travel has made it into the Outdoor Hall of Fame - a celebration of the greatest outdoor advertising through the years years. The whole range of posters including work by Heinz, Guiness and Bovril can be seen here.

On the theme of great train advertising, below are a few of our favourites that have graced the industry over the years. Notice the lack of words OpCo's!!!!

train winning the long-distance travel battle

According to the Association of Train Operating Companies, the train is fast becoming the transport mode of choice for long distance travellers in the UK.

The organisation said the trend reflected tough financial times and the increasing availability of cheap advance fares on the railways - suggesting 800,000 are sold each week compared to just 500,00 five years ago.

Certain routes, however, fare better than others in the battle between land and sky. Whilst London to Newcastle and London to Manchester are highly popular, a mere 3% of passengers are willing to make the journey from Bristol to Aberdeen by train and similarly, only 8% from London to Aberdeen by the same mode.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that frequent flyer's are a prime target market for TOCs who run long-distance routes. Passengers who have already done the hard part of ditching their car in the first place can surely be persuaded to try the train as well.