there's nothing quite like presenting ideas for the first time

One of the best bits of this job is taking a brief and turning the client's dreams into reality - be it an identity, a livery or an ad campaign.

Knowing you've got the ability to transform how a company looks or how it is perceived, and at the same time solve business problems, is a great feeling.

The most nerve-wracking part of the process is presenting your ideas for the first time, ideally face to face so you can gauge their reaction first hand. You have absolutely no idea what you're going to get back. Have you understood the brief? Is their first reaction to the work over-excited enthusiasm or subdued reluctance? Have you nailed it or cocked it right up?

Identity and livery work can grow on people. Over time, they imagine how something they might not have initially liked could work across different mediums or how a livery might be updated to a different body. If they see more they start to 'get it'.

Ideas for an ad campaign tend to be a little more black and white. There's often more going on in this type of creative - words, fonts, colours, images, layout - that there's more to have an opinion on. If the client doesn't instantly like it (we all know it's whether it can work that is more important but hey, us humans are emotive souls) there's rarely any persuading. It can often be a case of back to the drawing board.

Anyway, I'm off to London this afternoon to present a new identity and livery. Will the work do the business or have them scratching their heads in disappointment?

The butterflies have started already...

*Update. The meeting went well. I think...
*Further update. The client really liked one execution, and with a few minor tweaks, the work has been signed off. Love it when a plan comes together!