be influenced by what you see, not who has done it

If there's one thing I want for 2020 it's a bit of honesty when commenting on the subject of public transport - irrespective of who is doing the work.

Everyone knows there are companies (and individuals) who, in general, do things better than others in the industry. But that doesn't mean everything they do and every decision they make is the best thing since sliced bread. They don't get it right all the time. Yet it seems people are afraid or unwilling to call them out on it. It's as if their name, and their standing in the industry, go before the what you are seeing in front of your eyes.

Yet others around the country get shut down or ignored at the drop of a hat despite doing brilliant stuff or developing innovative solutions.

There's loads of tweets, blogs or media pieces praising the work of a select few and ignoring the work of anybody else, no matter how good it may be.

Certain companies (the likes of First and Arriva spring to mind) are never flavour of the month on social media but doesn't mean they're not doing some great stuff and deserving of praise.

And great stuff should get lauded no matter who is producing it, just as poor work should get called out whatever its source.

An honest critique is about judging the work itself and not being influenced by who has done it - just saying what you see.

So let's hope 2020 brings a bit of honesty and appreciation for those doing good in the industry, whoever they are.