how one ticket can generate an extra £168m annually for the bus industry

According to Government statistics, the UK's population is set to rise to nearly 70 million by 2026, up 4 million from what it is today.

Of that 70 million, 14 million people will be aged 0-15 years, 42 million will be aged 16-64 years and 14 million aged 65 and over.

In bus terms, that means over half the population, excluding our student friends, will be of full fare paying age.

And if all these people bought just one (extra) £4 day ticket per year, that would bring an additional £168m* into the coffers of the UK bus industry. A bucket load of cash for one small change in behaviour over a full 12 months.

The challenge is, of course, how you convince those people to do it?

Firstly, make your product as good as it can possibly be. Secondly, take a simple product truth (rather than some wild, over the top claim) and communicate it in an entertaining, informative and engaging way on a platform the majority of your customers might see.

Then cross your fingers knowing you've done everything possible to make a great product and let people know about it.

*I'm pretty confident in my maths but am not a trained accountant - so please don't use this figure in your next business plan.