would you dilute your livery's impact to help a local charity?

Some operators are well known for refusing to sell advertising on the outside of their buses.

Yet there are others who see the money that external advertising generates as a commercial lifeline, and as the man from Tesco says, 'Every little helps'.

The refusers believe that making a stand against third party ads and using the livery for self-promotion only strengthens their brand in the local area.

And we 100% agree with them.

So here's a social conscience conundrum for the refusers amongst you.

Would you consider accepting external advertising from local (not national) charities in return for diddly squat by way of payment? Just out of the goodness of your heart? 

I'm not talking all-over wraps but your standard rears and T sides highlighting the good work a mental health charity (for example) does in the community and how you can contact them.

Yes, the visual impact of your branding would be diluted but there is a definite argument that your brand would benefit.

Local bus company (owned by massive corporate but we won't go into that...), supporting local charities by giving them a much-needed voice in the local community. A lovely thing to do, a great piece of PR for all concerned and a brilliant story to tell.

Maybe giving to others could have a better long term effect?

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