no change needed for the bus, no change needed to park the car

As part of a Catch the Bus Week promotion, a number of bus companies put out a branded tweet with the following message...

'Don’t you hate it when you have to empty your whole bag to find the money for parking? Leave your stress at the front door, because we have plenty of quick and easy ways for you to pay for travel.'

The answer is yes, of course trying to find change for parking is a pain in the proverbial. If it was true. But bus companies aren't the only ones to realise the public will take advantage of anything that makes their life easier.

The reality is you rarely need cash to park your car these days. The fact I have no fewer than four apps on my phone and a contactless card in my wallet is proof enough for me.

Bus companies want people to take the bus, councils and the likes of NCP want them to take their car and park. They're both doing what they can to take the customer's pound.

We know there is a real benefit to shouting about loose change not being required for bus travel. But any reasoning is lost when it's positioned against the difficulties of paying for parking because, in this day and age, they simply don't exist.