bus companies should do the right thing

Earlier this week I saw a brief conversation on Twitter between a large bus operator and one of its customers.

The customer had tweeted to say there was a problem at the local bus station and asked if the operator could sort it.

The Opco swiftly replied the problem was the local council's responsibility and not theirs. A very abrupt, and from the customer's perspective, unsatisfactory end to the conversation.

For someone without the knowledge of local councils and the bus industry, the customer's enquiry was a natural one. Assuming the bus company was his local operator, it was perfectly plausible to think they ran the station and should, therefore, be the first point of contact with any problems.

The operator obviously had other ideas.

I'm constantly being told how customer orientated the bus industry is but actions always speak louder than words. The problem may not have been the direct responsibility of the Opco in question but they would have the contact to solve it.

Why not take responsibility and tell the customer they will pass on his comments to the appropriate person to rectify the problem -  leaving them feeling that somebody had listed to their concerns.

Sometimes you have to do the right thing, as opposed to nothing.