accepting the challenge of fresh creative ideas

Possibly the hardest thing about creating advertising concepts is coming up with something fresh each time.

Something you're confident the client will look at and say "That works brilliantly. How the hell did you come up with it?" (obviously, we keep our idea generation process secret from everybody bar a select few...).

When you specialise in one industry you find yourself coming across the same type of brief time after time. Opcos in different parts of the country face similar challenges in recruiting drivers, launching new routes, price promotions etc and they're all looking for something that has never been done before.

Coming up with new work that challenges the status quo isn't easy. Easy is rehashing what you've done before for a different client. A different client in a different part of the country, with different challenges and needs. Not only is it easy, but it's also lazy.

It's worth reiterating that a bus company's advertising isn't just competing with a rival bus company for the public's attention, it's competing for attention from everything else out there. So whether that's an Audi 48 sheet, a Lidl newspaper wrap or a Heinz 6 sheet, they are all in the race for that little space in people's minds where they can recollect information.

So if you want people to notice you and remember your message, the ideas need to be fresh and constantly challenging how things are done. And that's what we do.

So an image of a bus, yeah? Not for our clients, thanks.