the things we know about and the things we don't

The things we write about in relation to public transport are the things we tend to know about or have an interest in.

Professionally that means advertising, branding and marketing, whereas personally, we're talking customer experience and potential improvements to transport services.

We're a team of design professionals who have worked with some of the UK's most well-known brands in a number of sectors for over 20 years - so I'd say that makes us pretty well qualified to comment on the pretty pictures front. And that is 'comment' on why something works/doesn't work rather than whether we like it or not. As Dave Trott says "Liking something is the domain of an amateur".

But we're also customers of public transport. And like many, we've got opinions on its shortcomings and where things could be improved for both us individually and collectively to make it a more attractive sell as a transport solution.

What we know about and where our interests lie directly impacts what we write and how we write it.

On the flip side, there are plenty of transport industry issues we know very little about, and certainly, nowhere near enough to make an intelligent comment on.

We're shrewd enough to know we're better off keeping quiet on the likes of route planning, engineering, improving fuel efficiency, trade union relations etc - unless they directly impact our areas of expertise and interest.

Seems fair enough don't you think?