does your ad agency need to preach from the public transport bible?

When it comes to getting into the office, the mhd team utilise an eclectic mix of travel options.

Most of the team live relatively nearby and choose a combination of car/bike/bus to arrive at our hipster establishment on time. One drives so she can leave early to pick the kids up from school, whereas another has a 35-mile commute which they'd really struggle to do in anything other than a car. We understand that everyone has their own little challenges getting into work on time.

I'd be surprised if our little environment is a million miles away from the majority of workplaces up and down the country - employees using modes of transport that suit their individual needs on a given day (both for work and play).

Although we specialise in selling the benefits of public transport, we certainly won't bang that particular drum all day long. A bus/tram/train can be the solution all of the time/some of the time/none of the time - but there is very rarely a one size fits all answer to an individual's travel needs.

Call it ignorance or call it objectivity, we believe it gives a common sense insight into an industry where those with a passion/interest for their particular mode far outnumber those without.

The way we speak to clients, communicate on social media and approach client briefs reflects the impartial way we're problem solvers, not transport preachers.