do awards ceremonies favour those with the resources to enter?

Yesterday afternoon saw the UK Bus Awards take place in east London - the annual occasion where the great and good of the bus industry get together to celebrate achievements of the previous 12 months.

The usual suspects like Alex Hornby and Andrew Wickham, of Transdev and Go Ahead respectively, had success, and rightly so. They're people who drive the industry forward with a real emphasis on customer care.

I know first hand how much effort goes into a submission for the awards, as First Somerset and Avon were Gold Winner, Marketing Initiative of the Year 2018 with one of our campaigns. If you haven't seen it, check it out here.

But I can't help thinking there are many people at smaller operators achieving great things per pound invested, who will never get the award recognition their efforts may deserve. All their time is spent keeping buses on the road, just generally making sure their heads stay above water - and they simply don't have the resources to enter. I'm sure they'd love to be recognised by their peers but working life gets in the way.

The time and effort an in-depth awards submission takes is a luxury only certain operators can afford. The smaller boys get somewhat left behind in the race for glory. The talent's out there operating under the awards radar, producing work on a par with the likes of Alex and Andrew - it just needs the opportunity to shine.