i wonder why my friend gets frustrated at work

A couple of friends of mine popped round at the weekend to watch the Anthony Joshua fight - both run their own companies - one offering financial advice, the other overseeing a surveying/planning consultancy.

Mr Financial Advice deals with the general public and from what I could gather was pretty happy with his lot. People get in touch asking for help investing their money, and they seem pretty happy to take his expertise on board.

When there's a lot at stake, they want professional advice to ensure that big bundle of cash doesn't disappear overnight. It might be their money but he's got years of experience helping people make their investments grow.

Mr Surveyor wasn't so happy. Most of his work is business to business with potential clients getting in touch when need the input of his company on complex building projects. He takes a brief and supplies an estimate for the work discussed. His frustration stems not only from the fact people attempt to drive down the cost but also how they question the solution he offers, suggesting their own ideas might be a better way forward. He's the one doing it for a living, he's the one with years of experience, yet his clients quite often think they know better.

No prizes for guessing which predicament we could relate to the most.