can't we just speak like normal people?

I've just been on the website of a well-known bus operator and was surprised to see the words 'Network schematic' as a map title to one of the pages.

Now I'm fully aware both words can be found in the English dictionary, and whilst they would be perfectly fine to use in an operations/marketing/board meeting, they most certainly shouldn't be seen on your website. Do you expect your customers to know schematic is a style of map execution extensively used in the transport industry?

Surely something like 'Where we go' or ' The areas in your town we serve' is so much friendlier and more natural. Words that are written with the customer in mind.

It sometimes feels that the transport industry is stuck in a language time warp that it shows little interest in escaping.

Train communication is particularly guilty. The dictionary definition of the word Alight may well be 'to get out of a vehicle' but that doesn't mean you have to use it on board a train. From a language perspective, instructions like that should be simple and crystal clear.

Would foreign visitor know that Alight meant? Would a young person? Would a first-time traveller? Either way, saying 'mind the step when you get off the train' seems a much more sensible option.

Everything in public transport should be simple, straightforward and easy to understand but we certainly don't help ourselves by talking in riddles.