Vamooz and its growing brand equity

A few months ago we wrote a Passenger Transport article on how the bus industry, by and large, refuses to follow tried and tested methods for growing brand equity.

The odd person took our points onboard with an open mind but the majority were quick to highlight a million reasons why the status quo was right and we didn't know what we were talking about. Frustrating but hardly surprising.

So it's ironic that Transdev, who has more sub-brands than you can care to mention, are having real success with its app-based Vamooz operation.

After starting out in Yorkshire and Lancashire, the service can now be used in East Midlands, Cornwall, Birmingham, Berkshire, Teeside and Liverpool - with many more places to come, no doubt.

Does the branding look different in each of the places? Does it reflect the area it serves? Not a chance.

It's the exact opposite. The branding equity built up during the service's infancy in Yorkshire and Lancashire has been followed through in other parts of the country. Exactly as it should be, and exactly as our article points out.

The aim of great branding is to supply your audience with something that is strong, memorable and provides a great foundation for familiarity. And it seems by following those tried and trusted methods for growing brand equity, Vamooz is well on its way to doing just that.