people disagreeing is just a by-product of being true to yourself

There are certain things to do with the marketing of public transport that we have pretty strong principles about.

And as a result, we consistently challenge what has been done by bus companies and challenge those concerned to do better. Such thinking is unfortunately seen as contrarian within a relatively conservative industry. Some agree with what we have to say, but many others don't - and they're not shy about letting us know.

These disagreements are a by-product of backing up what we really believe in, and unsurprisingly, is something we are totally comfortable with.

We don't express opinions to deliberately wind people up, we express them because we 100% believe what we are saying will drive the industry forward and make public transport the positive experience it should be.

If we want it to be a 21st century retail product, difficult conversations have to be had, and as a result, things have to change.

Whether it's in a meeting with an existing client or in a pitch for a new one, we'll say/suggest what we believe is right to solve the problem at hand. Being honest and showing a confidence in our abilities to evolve the customer experience.

Whilst we might not be top of too many Christmas card lists, we're changing the way public transport is sold, one campaign and one client at a time.