why we believe route branding is bad for business

Earlier this month we wrote an article for Passenger Transport magazine where we presented the case for route branding being bad for business.

Although our thinking very much goes against a current trend within the bus industry, the response on social media was a mixed bag. Some were happy to have their principles on the subject challenged in an 'I've never thought of it like that' kind of way, whereas others were straight on the defensive akin to Jose Mourinho at a press conference after a poor home performance.

It's only natural to defend having your long-held views challenged but if you're not at least willing to consider the alternative, then nothing will ever change (perhaps many don't want it to). Whilst the negative standpoint was expected, those willing to challenge their own thinking were a welcome surprise. If the article results in some people at least questioning what they do and why they do it, then as far as we're concerned, it's job done.

If you haven't read it yet, please do so (with an open mind)...

If you have any thoughts, good or bad, we'd love to hear them.