what selling McDonald's and selling public transport have in common

I try to write four blog posts a month on the marketing of public transport, and although it doesn't sound a lot, it can be quite a challenge.

When you have a finite subject matter, finding new things to write about or finding new ways to write about old things taxes the old grey matter. Trying to keep people interested enough in what you're saying so clicking through on Twitter or via the newsletter is something they want to do.

And it's the same principle with advertising public transport. By and large, operators have a finite number of benefits and ways to entice people with modal shift options - yet if we don't, lots of hard work will go to waste.

Selling public transport can be a hard gig but nobody said it was going to be easy!

And just as McDonald's are constantly come up with new ways to sell you the same food (in fairness their menu options have drastically increased over the years), we're doing likewise for clients up and down the country - getting bums on seats, drivers behind the wheel, and increasing mTicket sales.

These are the types of things clients have to overcome day in day out and it's up to us to find new ways of doing it. That's what they're paying for.

Paying for work that is engaging, interesting and informative enough so potential customers see public transport in a different light.