elation and frustration are daily emotions in an ad agency

Working for an ad agency can deliver extremes of emotion - daily mixtures of both elation and frustration are commonplace.

The elation of getting figures from a client to prove your work has been successful is coupled with the frustration of someone saying the managing director 'doesn't like' your idea.

The frustration of being asked to pitch followed a few weeks later with the elation of winning that same beauty parade.

The elation of nailing an idea when you've been struggling against the frustration of someone client-side saying 'I could've done that'.

It's fair to say that life in an agency can have its share of ups and downs but what keeps you going is the belief that you can make a difference to the bottom line. You have the power to make or break a business decision through your skill and expertise.

If the public isn't sold something in a way that captures their imagination and makes them take action, the client's marketing budget is wasted. All that preparation and planning down the drain because the agency couldn't deliver.

But when you produce work (like this) that achieves objectives and also wins awards, agency life is a great thing to be part of.