if Mariah Carey can do a great job advertising hostels, who can do what for buses?

The concept of celebrities doing ads just for the hefty cheque is nothing new and rarely are client and campaign a believable combination.

Or in other words, never in a million years could you imagine Mr or Mrs Famous actually using the product/service in question.

So mega well-known, mega rich singer Mariah Carey advertising Hostelworld (36,000 properties in 170 countries) should be about the biggest marketing white elephant you could image. After all, why would she stay in a hostel? But the ad below is quite chuffingly brilliant.


It's brilliant because it not only challenges preconceptions but also plays on them too, whilst everything is tied in nicely with the 'Even divas are believers' strap line too. A great idea, superbly executed.

Which begs the question - if hostels can do it with celebrities, why can't the bus industry? Both suffer from similar problems, so done properly (and I mean proper actors, a proper script, proper production) it would be a great market growth exercise and potentially benefit operators large and small.

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